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Eagle Scout Project Approved for Township Grounds

At the October 28, 2013 Board Meeting the Board approved a project for Eagle Scout candidate Robert Jacques - BSA Troop 182, Palatine.  The project would be to create 3 raised planting beds in the grassy area north of the township parking lot.  The purpose of the project is to provide fresh produce for the food pantry to distribute to clients.  The food pantry will be consulted to determine which crops to plant.  Eagle Scout candidate Jacques will be responsible for soliciting donations to cover all costs, labor, materials and equipment.  Jacques anticipates completion of the beds by late March to take advantage of the entire growing season.



Eagle Scout Project Places Flag Holders at Veterans Graves

Eagle Scout Ian Estrada, Troop 69, completed his Eagle Scout project by placing flag holders at the gravesites of Veterans.  This very ambitious project covered all five of the historic pioneer cemeteries Palatine Township owns.

Through his research and diligence Eagle Scout Estrada was able to secure sturdy metal flag holders.  These metal flag holders will be able to stand the test of time.  Also, each Memorial Day, the American Legion Post 690 places small American flags at the graves of those who have served in the military. Depending on the weather, and how hard the ground is from winter, Ian Estrada's Eagle Scout project will help facilitate this honor. Dozens of flags prominently displayed in Eagle Scout Estrada's flag holders will indeed be a stirring tribute to those who have served our country.

Eagle Scout Estrada has also mapped out the grave locations of all who are buried at the Township's pioneer cemeteries.  Please click on the name of the cemetery Cady, Salem, Sutherland, Wolfrum to view the mapping.  Roll your mouse over each cell to see the details available for that gravesite.  Due to the age of several stones, and lack of record, some information is missing.  Eagle Scout Estrada's gravesite mapping is a much needed addition to the Township's Cemetery Committee official records.

Eagle Scout Estrada was presented with a TOPS (Township of Palatine Service) award at the 165th Annual Town Meeting.



Eagle Scout Project Completed at Hillside Cemetery

At the August 26 Board Meeting the Board passed a resolution thanking Eagle Scout Ken Piasecki for his project at Hillside Cemetery.  Eagle Scout Ken Piasecki's project called for a new path to be laid from the entrance drive at Hillside Cemetery straight to the cemetery's flagpole.  Also, the new path encircles the flagpole.  Lastly, overgrown shrubs were removed from around the flagpole and new, low maintenance shrubs were planted.  Eagle Scout Piasecki also donated some annual flowers that were planted around the cemetery entrance sign.

"This was an ambitious project," stated Cemetery Committee Chairman Terry Kelly.  "The end result is fantastic.  Now when the American Legion marches in on Memorial Day to raise the flag, there will be a very fitting area for the honor guard to present the colors."

The path is approximately 4 feet wide and is well over 50 feet long.  The path was dug down approximately 4 inches and crushed red granite was used.  On a sunny day the path looks stunning.  The project took several weekends to complete.  Members of Ken's Troop 209 helped complete the project.  Eagle Scout Piasecki also took special care to mark off the areas that had fragile headstones and to ensure that proper care was given to maintain them.

Connie Rawa of the Palatine Historical Society said, "We think the path looks fantastic.  Ken has done a great service for our community."  Historical Society President Joe Petykowski also commented that this path is a much needed addition to historic Hillside Cemetery.



Eagle Scout Project Completed at Salem Cemetery


Last summer Patrick Cox completed his Eagle Project at historic Salem Cemetery.  Eagle Scout Patrick Cox's project had several different parts to it.  The completed project has helped to not only beautify, but to help distinguish Salem Cemetery from its surroundings.

Salem Cemetery is on the corner of Plum Grove Road and Kirchoff Road.  Directly behind the cemetery is a strip mall shopping center, with a parking lot abutting up to the cemetery.

To create some separation between the shopping center and the cemetery, Patrick Cox's Eagle Scout Project involved the installation of a split-rail fence along the eastern edge of the cemetery.  The split-rail style fit in perfectly with Salem being a pioneer cemetery.


Patrick then tackled the painting of the sign out front.  This was a very important task as the sign is highly visible from the busy intersection of Plum Grove and Kirchoff Roads.  The finished job looked as if a professional painting company had done the job.


Even with a strip mall directly behind the cemetery Salem is nonetheless very peaceful.  To take advantage of this Patrick Cox's Eagle Project involved the installation of a sturdy wooden bench, placed at the northeast corner of the cemetery.  Visitors can now sit in thoughtful contemplation and prayer.

Lastly, Patrick performed some mulching around some existing trees as well as planting some new bushes at the north end of the cemetery.  As the bushes grow a natural separation between the asphalt parking lot and the cemetery will be achieved.

Patrick Cox's Eagle Project has helped beautify and restore Salem Cemetery to its proper dignity.



Eagle Scout Project Completed at Cady Cemetery


Jon Cramer recently completed his Eagle Scout Project at the historic pioneer Cady Cemetery. Eagle Scout Jon Cramer's project had several parts to it. Cady Cemetery lies off of Ela Road, with the entrance being a one lane road. Prior to Jon Cramer's project there was no room to turn a vehicle around. This meant you would need to back out onto busy Ela Road when exiting.

Not being able to turn your car around and having to exit by backing out onto Ela Road was a huge safety issue," said Township Cemetery Chairman Terry Kelly.  "This project has eliminated that concern once and for all," added Chairman Kelly.  First, the Eagle Project involved marking out a sufficient area outside the Cemetery gates to provide for a "car turnaround."  Then scrub brush was removed from the area by the Scouts from Troop 69.  This was followed by many hours hand-digging out the newly cleared area.

Lastly, a compacting material was hand spread which will provide a stable base for vehicles to not only park, but turn around as well.  Jon Cramer's Eagle project also included two sturdy benches that were built and placed inside Cady Cemetery, as well as the planting of some perennial flowers around the benches.  All who visit Cady Cemetery will see the beautiful benches and flowers, which help to provide a place for peaceful thought.



Eagle Scout Restores Wolfrum Cemetery


Eagle Scout candidate Brian Winklemann was presented with a Resolution by Assessor Kelly at the November 15, 2010 Board Meeting. The Resolution commends Brian for his hard work in planning for and completing the beautification and restoration of the Township's historic Wolfrum Cemetery. With a group of volunteers, the Eagle Scout leveled and restored a walking path, planted perennials and added a plaque inset into a 3,000 pound boulder at the cemetery. Township employees assisted with drainage recommendations and gathered other necessary approvals.