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Palatine Township

Needy Family Fund

 2017 Adopt-A-Family Program


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There are under-resourced families in our community whose financial situations will not allow them to experience a joy-filled holiday season. You can reach out and help one of these Palatine Township families by “adopting” them for the holidays.  The “Adopt-A-Family Program” provides new clothing, toys and gifts to these families within the Township. If your family, club, church, business, or organization would like to participate in this program, please read the detailed program guidelines below. Then click here to sign-up and submit the "Donor Sign-Up Form" no later than November 6, 2017.  After we receive your online submission we will send you information about your “special family”, a delivery date and a copy of the guidelines listed below. The date for the 2017 Adopt-A-Family Program is Saturday, December 16 for turning your donations which will be distributed later that day to your Adopted family.

 Palatine Township 2017 Adopt-A-Family Program

 The Adopt-A-Family Program has grown tremendously over the past 27 years. Due to the size of the program, and to ensure that the program runs efficiently, we would greatly appreciate it if you could follow these important guidelines:

  • Please deliver your gifts to the location on the date and time that you are assigned. Please note: The family whom will be receiving your gifts will be picking them up from the same location as where you deliver them so it is important to deliver your gifts as scheduled!

  • We are requesting donors to provide gift cards instead of gifts for the parent/guardian. This will allow the parent/guardian to purchase much needed items for their family such as food, clothing and toiletries.  In order to keep the gift giving uniform among families, we ask that you spend approximately $50 for each family member.

  • Please, no used or perishable items.  

  •  Gift Cards Instructions:  *Please keep the gift card(s) for the parent/guardian in a separate envelope and mark the family number along with the parent/guardian’s name(s) on the outside of the envelope.  Please make sure to write the amount on the outside of the gift card and if possible, include the gift card receipt.  This will help when checking in your family’s gifts.  Hand the envelope to the Township Staff Member at the check in table.

  • We all know how tricky sizes can be so please include a gift receipt for clothing whenever possible.

  • After wrapping your gifts, please label each gift with the family member’s name and their family number which will be on your family information sheet that is mailed to you.  *Remember to keep the gift card(s) for the parent/guardian in a separate envelope.  Please do not include the envelope with gift card(s) in the bag with the other family member’s gifts.

  • Gather all of the family member’s gifts and package them in a large box or bag (brown leaf bags work great).  Clearly mark the outside of the bag with the family number. 

  • There will volunteers ready to assist you with unloading your car and to show you where to check in when dropping off your gifts.

  • Lastly, if you are organizing for a large group please gather all of the gifts from the individuals and package them together as explained above. All gifts must be delivered together.  Please, no individual gift drop-offs. Please provide your information as you would like it to appear in correspondence and Adopt-A-Family records.